The Department of Agriculture in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality on 13th June, 2024 distributed farm inputs to some selected victims of Akosombo Dam Spillage under the supervision of the Municipal Agric Director.


The Municipal Agric Director, Mr Godswill Glanty stated that the dam spillage devastated numerous farming communities, leading to significant loss of crops, livestock, and farming infrastructures of which some communities in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality were not exempted.

In response to this crisis, an initiative was launched by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to distribute some farm inputs to the affected farmers. In line with this initiative, the following inputs were distributed to eighteen (18) farmers who were affected by the spillage; Improved seeds such as rice and maize, Fertilizers (NPK and Urea) and Weedicides (Atrazine and Nicosulfuron). He indicated that each beneficiary farmer, irrespective of the crop type is entitled to six (6) bags of NPK, two (2) bags of Urea, and four (4) weedicides.

Bringing his speech to an end Mr. Glanty said the distribution of the farm inputs to the affected farmers has been a crucial step in aiding recovery and restoring agricultural productivity and also build a more resilient agricultural sector.

Mr. Mathew Tetteh one of the beneficiaries on behalves of the others thanked the government for the kind gesture. He said they will apply the inputs received effectively to achieve maximum yield.

By: Abraham Tettey Wayo


MIO: Lower Manya Krobo     

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