Lower Manya Krobo had a successful RELC Planning Session on Friday 25th June, 2021 at Kpong after Series of Zonal/operational events.

Title of Intervention = MAG Women Agriprenourship.
The Number Of Layer birds supplied is 40 each to 5 women farmers at Oborpah in Lower Manya Krobo.
Success Story:
Before Intervention
* Low income levels
* unsustainable livelihood
* Poor nutrition
* High level of disease & mortality of local birds reared due to inadequate production techniques etc

After Intervention:
* Eggs collected every day & sold as a source of income
* Family eats some eggs to improve nutrition
* Better education & health for family
* Business & record keeping skills of Beneficiaries improved as they keep Comprehensive records on birds
* Financial independence of family not to always depend on others.

George, Eng. Asiedu & David from the Regional office who facilitated the event on that day.