social welfare & cd

              Mrs. Naa Ayea Ofosu                  (HOD)

The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development is a Government statutory agency under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. The Department was first established in 1946 by Local ordinance order No. 66 as Department of Social Welfare and Housing and later as Department of Social Welfare in 1950.Against the backdrop of Decentralization and operationalization of the Local Government Act (1993) (Act 462) , Local government Service Act 2003 and LI 1961, All implementing functions and activities that are delivered to individuals and communities directly by the Department was ceded to the Local Government Service and to the Districts in 2011.However, certain National Strategic Services which are implementation in nature are still catered for by the Department i.e. the control and management of the National Social Welfare Training and Specialized institutes. 


Janet Adenyo (SDO)

Senior Developer

Senior Developer

MANDATE                                                                                                             The Departments mandate is to takes the lead in integrating the disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded in mainstream of development in society.  This mandate is guided by some legislative and regulatory frameworks like the 1992 constitution, Local ordinance order No. 66, Children Act, juvenile justice act. Etc.

VISION                                                                                                                     A socially developed Ghana

MISSION                                                                                                                              The Department works in partnership with people in their communities to improve their well-being through promoting development with equity for the disadvantage, vulnerable and the excluded.


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