Month: November 2022


On the 17th November,2022 all Heads of Department, Units and all staff were invited to Training on Local Government Protocols at the Assembly Hall of Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly.
Novman Innovations consultant Moses Nyame gave a great presentation by giving a good overview on the local Government service we have been employed to and how knowing the protocols will help all staff to appreciate service in local Government Institution. The discussions were very interactive. Below are some of the pictures of the section.


On the 16th November,2022 all Heads of Department, Units and selected staff were invited to Training on Administrative Writings and Record Management at the Assembly Hall of Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly.
Novman Innovations consultant Moses Nyame gave a good presentation by explaining the technicalities of administrative writing and the new Records Management Template. The discussions were very interactive. Below are some of the pictures of the section.


The Lower Many Krobo Municipal Assembly in collaboration with department of Agriculture in the Municipality on 25th November, 2022 awarded Fourteen (14) farmers at the Krobo Girls school park.
A Fifty-Nine (59) years old man, Mr. Alexander Tetteh was adjudged 2022 Municipal best farmer. He received a packet of Iron sheet, a pair of Wellington boot, Spraying machine, Wheelbarrow, Agrochemicals, Cutlasses and a Motorbike.
Mr. Godswill Komla Glante the Municipal Director of Agric in his welcome address, thanked all farmers for growing more food to feed the citizenry. He however complained about the bad nature of the roads in the villages within the Municipality. He pleaded with the Municipal Assembly to reshape them to enable Cars plying on them bring farm produce to the Market centres to avoid post-harvest lost.
Mr. Gante said his outfit has taken a delivery of some items such as Oil Palm and Mango seedlings and were distributed to the farmers free of charge. He said the Department also received subsidies fertilizer and maize seedlings and were sold to the farmers. He congratulated the award winners and asked them to contest at the Regional level next year.
The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh in his speech appreciated the effort of our hard-working farmers in producing more food to feed the people of this Country. He said even though the Country is experiencing some economic challenges this government under the leadership of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo has contributed a lot to the Agriculture Sector more than any government under the Fourth Republic.
He also reiterated that the government has supplied to the department some Mango, Palm Oil and Coconut seedlings and anyone interested should contact the Municipal Director for Agric for some consignment.
He advised that people should have backyard garden to reduce the cost of some farm produce they purchase.He took the opportunity to advise the drivers to exercise patience whist driving to avoid accident.
Hon. Tetteh further said, the rate at which HIV infection is increasing in the Municipality is alarming. He asked all and sundry to educate the public on the disease.
He commended the award winners in various categories and encouraged them to work harder to receive Regional and National award in the coming years.


Pursuant to Section 28 of the Local Government Act, 2016(Act 936). The lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly on 10th November, 2022 held its second ordinary meeting of the 4th section of the 7th Assembly at the Municipal Assembly Hall. The Presiding Member Hon. Ayer Kofi Zando welcome all members of the house, and asked them to remain focus throughout the deliberation. The Hon Presiding Member tabled the issue of 2023 fee fixing, budget for 2023 for approval and discussion of MCE sectional address. The house after pursuing the document of the fee fixing and the budget for 2023 unanimously approve it as a working document.
The MCE Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh in his delivering highlighted the following: Administration, Security, Finance of the Assembly, Process report of the physical project and roads, state of implementation of government policies and social intervention programs, issues emanating from Executive Committee. Hon Tetteh said one of the major issue challenging the Assembly is facing is, cost of litigation on court cases against the Assembly and continuous demand of compensation on lands given to the assembly for infrastructure projects.
He said this is draining the coffers of the assembly hence retarding development.
On the issue of security, the Hon MCE enunciated that the Municipality remained calm and peaceful as a result of the hard working security personnel of the support the honorable assembly members. He however complained of the incident that happened recently between a section of the community of Nuaso Old Town and workers of the electricity company of Ghana Limited and officers of the 49-engineering regiment of the Ghana Armed Force on the installation of the prepaid meters in the area as regrettable. He said currently the area is in darkness and Nene Sakite II Kono of the traditional area and some personalities’ in the area and himself are having discussion with the electricity company of Ghana to restore power back to the area.
Reporting on the finances of the Assembly, Hon. Tetteh indicated that, the Assembly received an amount of two Million, Nine Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty One Ghana cedis Fifty Eight Pesewas (2, 938,689.58) as a total revenue out of an approved budget of Twenty Million, One Hundred and Forty Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Ghana cedis and Thirty Two Pesewas (20,142,559.32) represented 14.56% of the approved budgeted figure for the year. He further indicated that, the Assembly was expecting to have received One Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Eighty Ghana cedis (1,567,580.00) out of the total budgeted figure mentioned above as Internal Generated Fund (IGF) but rather Eight Hundred and Eighteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Seven Ghana cedis and Ten Pesewas (818,487.10) was received which formed a component of the total revenue stated earlier. He stated the reasons for the inability of the Assembly to meet the approved budget as frequent attacks on revenue collectors at mounted barriers and incapability of the Assembly to collect revenue from Akuse.
Capital and Infrastructure projects are projects every government undertake. Touching on physical projects, the MCE outline a number of projects the Assembly has commenced, completed while others are at different stages of completion. He mention the construction of Ten sitter WC toilet at Nuaso Korlenya, Ten sitter WC toilet at Akuse, Ten sitter WC toilet at Kpongunor, construction of market shared at Kpong, construction of One Hundred Eighty-Eight lockable stores at Agormanya market, construction of 1.2km road from Kpanyas to Cannan, Business Resource Center just to mention a few. The Hon MCE further stated that, Two Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Three people from Sixty- Six communities benefited from Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP). He pleaded with the Honorable members to do away with the fears of the beneficiary in their respective electoral areas as the last payment for the year will be made in due course.
Commenting on Disbursement of Funds to the people living with disability, the MCE indicated that, the Assembly has handed over Economic Empowerment items to Twenty One beneficiaries to start business with for a living. This brings to a total of Six Hundred and Thirty people so far benefited. Bringing the speech to an end, Hon. Tetteh asked Honorable members of the house to consider and approve recommendation from the Executive Committee report to be used as a working document.

Stakeholders meeting on Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC)

Meeting with Proprietor and Proprietresses of ECDC’S Held on the 24th October 2022 at the Municipal Assembly Hall. The meeting started at exactly 9:53 with a prayer by Mr. Benjamin Basta. Self-introduction was than by all participants.
Deputy did the welcome address on behalf of MDC. He recommended the day care centres for their effort and note they play in developing the kids for the municipality.
The representative from the Ghana education service said the private school have played a pivot role in the education sector. He urge all schools that are not registered with the department to do so.
The new curriculum begins with early childhood. There is a structure for the learning centres to be friendly for the learners. He urged all schools to contact them to assist them in the set-up, training, logistic to educate the learners. He extends his education directors greetings to all.
The participant asked the difference between NACIA and GES. The rep. said NACIA is a monitoring body and GES in the main body that sees to the supervision and monitoring in the district in the municipality. GES does not register private schools.
Madam Daisy said pre-school is not under GES. 3 months to below 4years is registered under social welfare she gave the difference between day care and GES schools.
Madam Grace thank the regional director, HOD and staffs for being in attendance. She urge all centres to register with department. She said every child is the joy of a home, hence the centres have to take care of the children well to make it a good home. She said the heads of the centres should train their attendances to train them.
Madam Janet Adenyo gave the participants situational report on ECDC / Day care centres operations within the municipality. 35 day centers have been registered as at 2021 and currently four centres have shutdown. Four new centres are registered but yet to be certified. From her observation, some centres have all age group up to below 4years in the same room. Some school have poor lightening and cracked floor, some have no or few mats for the pupils to sleep on.
The challenges, some day care centres obstruct social welfare officer from getting access to their facilitates. Most centres are semi-wooden structure. Few or luck of playing materials relay collecting certificate and renewed of certificate. Most of the attendants have not been trained by the department.
Mr. Isaac Asante to the group through the legal framework. Day care centres are not schools, it is home away from home for the children. Day care centres are institution that provide supervision for the infants. He spoke about the inspection of the day care centres.
Madam daisy said the assembly should invite the day care centres for free fixing. Deputy Director Yaya said the assembly invites the executives of all associations for free fixing. The chairman of the private school association said for about 7 years now they have not been invited.
One of the participant ask that the social welfare officer should council themselves for some of their meeting to educate their parents during PTA.
Madam Deborah Diasy Kwabia took us through the methods of teaching young children. She ask the participants if a three months old baby can be taught? Most of participants said the baby can be taught.
Madam said the babies’ starts learning from the second trimesters of pregnancy. The main method of teaching young learners are the 7 primary learning styles: visual (spatial), aural (auditory), where sound and music is used. Verbal (linguistic), where the child learns best through words (verbal or written), physical (kinesthetic) learn through experience and rely on sense of touch, and are active. Logical (mathematical) learn through logic. Social (interpersonal) learn through group interaction. Solitary (interpersonal) does self-study. Children learn from known to unknown. We have the following learning style.
-outdoor learning
-realis (real object) into the classroom.
– Center/ modelling theme/ corner methods.
– Picture reading
– lecture method
She spoke about the two key tools which are the treasure basket and story sack. The treasure basket contain variety of items which the children play with and sometimes put them in their mouth to determine the type of object, using sense of smell, touch, taste, sight hand .
Evaluation is done through demonstration. MEO said the classroom should have 16 by 16 measurement, with two doors. Ventilation is also important. Health screening is to extended to the various school to curb the spread of typhoid sanitation and hand washing machine needs to be provided in the school.
Physical planning is basically concern with the facilities that are used for the day care centres. The layout of the facilities has to be brought to the office for the facilities to have a good layout. The centres should be easily accessible and must not be located near a refuse dump, noisy areas.


On the 3rd November,2022 a donation of 15 Life Jackets to the Municipal Education Directorate by the NADMO SECRETARIAT for onward distribution to pupils of Amedeka Basic School who cross the river from neighboring District to schools in the Municipality.
The Municipal Education Director expressed their appreciation by commending the effort from NADMO to Support students and to keep them save while crossing the river to school. They submitted that more effort has to be made by Government to save guard other schools who may have similar problems in their communities.