MCE Commissioned 10 seater Water closet toilet for residents of Kpongunor-Akwenor

The MCE for Lower Manya Krobo Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh in the wee hours of of today Friday 20th October,2023 together with party leadership of the NPP and some technocrats at the Municipal assembly,joined hands with the good people of Kpongunor-Akwenor to commission a 10 seater water closet toilet.

It is to be noted that,the previous toilet facility was in a very deplorable state and was near collapse before the MCE assumed office in 2017. It was upon this development and upon consultation with Environmental Health Officers that the MCE instructed for it to be pull down so a befitting one be built for the community.

The MCE who drew loud applause from the residents upon recounting this development thanked the residents for keep faith with him considering the inconvenience residents suffered when the old facility was pulled down.

He took the opportunity to list a several others which were in terrible states prior to his coming to office and how they’ve been fixed. He charged the residents to take good care of the facility.

The residents in return did thanked him for attending to one of their needs.