mr. Agyiekum
head of roads

The Roads Department is established at MMAs as per Second Schedule of the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936).

Strategic overview of Roads Department:                   

The guiding principles for the functioning of the Roads Department are as follows:

Vision:To attain efficient cost-effective and sustainable
integrated road transport system responsive to the needs of the society.

Mission:To provide a cost-effective and sustainable integratedroad transport system to ensure accessibility, safety and reliability forNational Development.


Objectives of the Establishment of the Roads Department

(a) Efficiently plan, develop and maintain the Road network in the MMAs

(b) Reduce the average travel time on the roads in each MMA

(c) In collaboration with other departments, progressively reduce the walking and waiting time for public road transport in the Central Business District (CBD) and low income communities in each MMA

(d) Collaborate with other departments, ensure efficient traffic management systems and road safety

(e) Efficiently manage road transport infrastructure, coordinate and integrate the operations of different transport modes in order to effectively move people and goods in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner in the MMAs

(f) Develop and apply social, economic and environmental criteria for the selection of projects

(g) Collaborate with other departments, progressively improve environmental conditions along roads in the MMAs

(h) Collaborate with other institutions involved in education and enforcement, to reduce the number and severity of road accidents in the MMAs

(i) Progressively improve the proportion of road network in good condition in each MMA


(j) Collaborate with the regional Roads Departments and other road Agencies in the Management of the road network within the MMA

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