The Youth and Women Empowerment (YOWE) a non-government organization in the Lower Manya Municipality in partnership with Rite FM (90.1) had on the 29th February, 2024 organized a workshop for farmers in the Lower Manya Krobo, Upper Manya Krobo, and Yilo Krobo. The workshop at the Conference Hall of the Assembly was on the Theme ‘Food security, Job creation, and improved livelihood amidst climate change’. The workshop aimed to educate the public, especially the farmers, on how to treat their farm produce to be hygienic, presentable, and available on the market for sale.
Dr. Theodora A. Asiamah in her presentation stated the need for farmers to treat their crops well and also advised them to practice personal hygiene as well to avoid diseases so that they can produce more to feed the citizenry.
In preserving food to get market, she asked the farmers to use the right method and chemicals for preservation so that the food would not be contaminated.
Dr. Theodora Akweley Asiamah appealed to the Municipal Assembly to do something about the road network in the farming communities within the Municipality so that commodities produced can be transported to the market centers at ease. This will make the farmers reduce the prices for buyers to purchase at a reasonable price since the cost of transportation is less.
Mr. Alex Fordjor deputy Municipal director of Agriculture in his presentation also reiterated the need to practice hygiene in preserving their food. He again advised that farmers should use organic fertilizers more on their farm produce rather than inorganic ones. He indicated that preserving the food items can keep long without spoiling.
Mr. Fordjor spoke briefly on climate change and advised everyone on the need to study the weather conditions to know when to plant and harvest. He also advised them on the need to avoid bushfires because it may not only destroy the food crops but also cause the depletion of the ozone layer thereby affecting the seasons.
BY: Abraham Tettey Wayo
MIO: Lower Manya Krobo