Mrs. Scholastica Awine                 (Head of HR)


The Human Resource Department was established by section 78(3) of the Local Governance Act 2016 Act 936.


The Human Resource Department is mainly responsible for managing Human Resource Management programmes to efficiently deliver Public Services Local Governance Service (LGS).

              Activities undertaken within the first and second quarters of 2020 are:                                                    Training workshop on:

1.    Fixed Assets Coordinating Unit                                                                                            Beneficiaries                                                                                                                             All Heads of Departments/Units

2.    Effective Minutes Writing                                                                                                           Beneficiaries                                                                                                                             Heads of dept/units, Records Officers and All Central Administration Staff 

3.    Ethics in Management                                                                                                          Beneficiaries                                                                                                                              Heads of Departments/Units     

·                               Promotion

1.    From the month of January to April, a total number of 11 staff appraisals were processed and submitted to the Regional Coordinating Council for promotion.From the month of May to August, two appraisals were submitted for promotion.

                 Posting  In & Out

1.    Five staff were posted out to various Assemblies within the country.                                  2.  Two staff were posted to the Assembly within the same period (1st and 2nd

·                             Implementation Report                                                                                                                                    1.    Both first and second quarters Implementation Reports were submitted to ERCC                        within the stipulated time.

                              Miss. Dede                                (Assistant HR)