On the 16th January, 2024 a community engagement meeting was held at the Assembly Hall of Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly. The Purpose of the Engagement was to sensitize the opinion Leaders on all the ongoing and completed projects. Therefore the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) highlighted all the UDG’s (UDG1,UDG2, UDG3) and the upcoming UDG4 & UDG5.
MCD explained the purpose of each projects by educating the leaders in the communities and selected Assemblymen. From the 188 lockable stores, the Business Resource Centre & Canan Kpanas Road, the Atua Hospital & Abanse Road, and the bridge at Manam Junction were all explained to understand the Secondary city project vision.
Bans Consult educated the community leaders on the Role of environmental and Social Safeguards. This is to help to fix issues related to the project. The consultant encouraged community members to use communication to express their grievances through the right channels.
To conclude the meeting the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) emphasized the importance of the Secondary City Project and wanted the support of all community leaders and Assemblymen to help sensitize the communities on the ongoing developments.