It was another good news for the good people of Tsledom in the middle belt of the lower Manva Krobo as Madam Mercy Tettey, a philanthropist, handed over a (9)-unit teachers’ bungalow to the community on February 10, 2023.

This comes as part of the success stories after the Tsledom community was hit hard by a yaws disease outbreak in 2019 with the pictures hitting the internet. This has attracted several donations from philanthropists, NGOs, and other state agencies, which is transforming the area into a modern community.


Madam Mercy Tettey Mamle, who is a native of Yohe but based in Australia, upon intersecting the news of the Yaws outbreak somewhere back in July 2019 on the internet with earlier investigation proving that the sources of water in the Tsledom and its surrounding communities are the route cause. She immediately mobilized her personal resources to get a new borehole for the community, which was completed within days to make potable water available to the people of Tsledom.

She later took it upon herself to convert a dilapidated classroom structure that was abandoned to rot into a modern bungalow to house the teachers at Tsledom M/A Basic School. This will also enable them avoid the long daily walks to the school, which is affecting both teaching and learning.

On February 10, 2023, in the presence of stakeholders and opinion leaders in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, Madam Mercy officially handed over the completed (9) -Unit Teachers Bungalow to Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh, MCE for Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, who onward handed it over to the Municipal Education Directorate through the Municipal Education Director, Mr. Samuel Kwesi Tettey, for use.


The management of the school also received a (55) inch Sony TV to enable them have access to information and have a fair idea of happenings in the country and worldwide. Madam Mercy Tettey Mamle, by virtue of this and other philanthropic works she has been doing in the Manya Krobo municipality, led His Royal Majesty Nene Sakite II, Konor of the Manya Krobo traditional area, to bestowed the honor of YOKAMA 2022 on her alongside Mrs. Joyce Nyaunu as the ideal women for the calendar year, 2022.

In his address, Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh, MCE for Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, praised the efforts of Madam Mercy Tettey Mamle for the swift response and massive support given to the people of Tsledom during their crisis period. This have been very helpful to the leadership in the area in trying to remedy the situation within the shortest possible time.

He continued to state that, as a Municipal Chief Executive, his leadership will continue to cooperate with individual philanthropists, NGOs, and other Cooperate bodies that are ready to help him with his developmental agenda, as the government cannot do everything.


Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh continued to acknowledge other agencies like Growth Aid Ghana for responding to the distress call during that crisis period and provided nine (9) new mechanized boreholes. They also repaired eleven (11) existing but faulty borehole systems in the middle belt to comprehend the government’s effort to extend potable water supply to the good people of the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality as well as (Aya Afrika).  He also thanked them for supporting the Tsledom M/A Basic School with modern laptops, generators, and solar batteries to help provide electricity to the school and for several aids given to the residents by Aya Afrika during and after the crisis.


He concluded by further acknowledging the unique efforts of (Play More Africa), also a non-governmental organization (NGO), as they also provided a modern “Mary Go Round” playing system that generates electricity for the school as the pupils use it, which is a great help to the community.

Mr. Samuel Kwesi Tettey, Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Education Director, said, looking at the cost involved in quality education delivery, government at all times cannot do it alone, which is why education sector philanthropists like Madam Mercy Tettey are highly cherished by the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Education Directorate. He also applauded other stakeholders for providing projects that brings great relief and also enhances quality education delivery in the area. He used the opportunity to express his heartfelt appreciation to all donors.

He further assured that his leadership will ensure the facilities are safeguarded for the use of the next generation.

Mr. Samuel Kwesi Tettey appeals to the teachers in Tsledom to work hard to make this relief infrastructure project reflect in the performance of the students, which is the best way to attract more support from the government and other donors to the area. He concluded by thanking the Hon. MCE and government for providing solar power systems to the Tsledom School and the newly completed 9- Unit project to provide alternative electricity power to the teachers and pupils.

Manya Angmorkuor Yoko I, Development Queen Mother of Manya Krobo Traditional Area, was part of the traditional delegation from the Manya Krobo Traditional Council and was the Chairperson for the occasion. She applauded Madam Mercy Tettey, YOKAMA 2022, for showing this massive love to the Tsledom community as well as the entire Manya Krobo Traditional Area at large, especially at such critical times in the history of Tsledom.

She continued to challenge Madam Mercy Tettey Mamle to continue to be a great ambassador to the Manya Krobo State, as she could count on her and other traditional leaders in the area, most especially the overlord, His Royal Majesty Nene Sakite II, at all times and wished her well in all her endeavors.

Dade mantse Atteh of the Tsledom community, on his own behalf and on behalf of the entire Tsledom community, expressed their heartiest appreciation to Madam Mercy Tettey Mamle and all other NGOs, philanthropists, and the government for responding to their distress calls when their situation looked hopeless.


Mr. Godfried Caeser, Eastern Regional Shep Coordinator at the Regional Education Directorate, who was then Lower Manya Krobo Municipality Shep Coordinator at the time of the Yaws pandemic, played various roles in attracting several supports to the area. He was present at the handing over ceremony as he used the opportunity to express his heartiest appreciation to all who responded and assisted to change the narrative about Tsledom, which will go down in the history of Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

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