On the 13th July, 2022 Community Development Unit facilitated soap making Training. The training was held at Church of Pentecost, Bueyonye. The sponsors of the programme is Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly.
The trainees who participated in the workshop came from Bueyonye community. The participants for the programme will be the foundation upon which the Unity and Progress Women Group will be established in Bueyonye. A total number of forty (40) participants comprising thirty-five (35) women and five (5) men attended the programme.

The programme was organized for one (1) day. It started at 9:18 am and ended around 1:30pm.
The main objective behind the program is to empower the women group to achieve and maintain a meaningful life while remaining in their localities.
The training session commenced with an opening prayer by a participant. The Unit head, Mr. John Noko-Ayer, delivered the opening address. He admonished them to take the training seriously since the skills obtained from the training would be of benefit to them.

The trainer, took the participants through the various stages in preparing the Azuma blows and liquid soap with the available ingredients (perfume, colour, sterling, foam booster, caustic soda, thickener, salt, a rubber bowl etc). The participants observed carefully the preparation process with participants having the opportunity to ask questions
After the demonstration by the trainer, the participants were divided into 2 (two) groups, where they had the opportunity to practice what they had learnt by making their own Azuma blows and liquid soap with guidance from the trainer. This is to assist the participants in identifying some of the risks they are exposed to and the mechanism they think is available for managing each. The participants requested to know where they could purchase the Azuma blows and liquid soap making items and they were responded to in that regard.

They were taught how to commercialize the products and also taken through some of the ways to sustain the business as a group.
A staff of the unit, Ms. Na-Afua Tettey thanked the participants for their contributions during the program and urged them to buy the items and make their own for personal use and also sell individually or as an association to the public to make profit. She also used the opportunity to sensitize them on the role of the Business Advisory Centre (BAC); which seeks to support the growth of MSMEs.
The meeting was brought to a close at 1:30pm with a closing prayer from the community chief. All participants were given samples of the prepared liquid soap and Azuma blows after the training.
Punctuality- Some members reported very late even though they were all informed of the starting time of the training
Handouts or slides were not made available on time to participants
Participants agreed to pay a fine the next time anyone is late for a program
Provision of handouts or slides must be made available to participants
On behalf of the group, the expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Assembly, the Community Development Unit and the trainer for organizing such the program. In their thanksgiving the participant promised they were going to apply what they have been taught. He also promised to organise themselves and later visit the Business Advisory Centre to help sustain and grow their business as a group.

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