Staff durbar 2023

On the 20th December, 2023 Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly held a staff durbar at the Municipal Assembly Hall at 10:00 am. The total number of workers attended was over One hundred and sixty (160) staff.


Rev. Stephen Amanor gave an opening prayer before the start of the durbar.  

The Municipal Co-ordinating Director welcomed all staff to the maiden staff durbar for 2023 and mentioned the agenda for discussion;
1. Discussion on Pension related issues
2. Discussion on attitude towards work
3. Discussion on the Performance contract

The Municipal Chief Executive again welcomed staff to the durbar and thanked them for coming. The Hon. M.C.E. commented briefly on the performance of the assembly in the most recent DPAT exercise in which Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly performed commendably and acknowledged that this success could not be chalked without the contribution of staff and added that, he was tremendously grateful and encouraged everyone to carry on with the good work.


Officials from the Ghana Pensions Authority gave a speech and explained the Pension schemes. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and differentiated the differences between the Tiers. The Ghana Pensions Authority also gave information about how to be part of their plan and how to change Tiers.

Staff had the opportunity to ask both the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive and Coordinating Director questions. The questions were rightfully answered.

The Hon. Municipal Chief Executive once again thanked all staff of the municipal Assembly for successfully passing the performance contract earlier in the year. He told the staff that the same hardworking performance would be needed again next year for the Assembly to pass the test.

He mentioned that all staff should be punctual and hardworking at all times. He also spoke about the reporting time to work and that the staff should be at work at exactly 8 am. This should be a new attitude they should adapt to if they weren’t punctual this year.


The Municipal Coordinating Director and the Municipal Chief Executive thanked staff for their attention and participation. They entreated all to continue to deliver for the development of Lower Manya and Ghana as a whole. They also thanked and encouraged staff for the hard work they have done in 2023. A closing prayer was given by Mr. Alhassan Yahaya the Deputy Coordinating Director.

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