Pursuant to Section 28 of the Local Government Act, 2016(Act 936). The lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly on 10th November, 2022 held its second ordinary meeting of the 4th section of the 7th Assembly at the Municipal Assembly Hall. The Presiding Member Hon. Ayer Kofi Zando welcome all members of the house, and asked them to remain focus throughout the deliberation. The Hon Presiding Member tabled the issue of 2023 fee fixing, budget for 2023 for approval and discussion of MCE sectional address. The house after pursuing the document of the fee fixing and the budget for 2023 unanimously approve it as a working document.

The MCE Hon. Simon Kweku  Tetteh in his delivering highlighted the following: Administration, Security, Finance of the Assembly, Process report of the physical project and roads, state of implementation of government policies and social intervention programs, issues emanating from Executive Committee. Hon Tetteh said one of the major issue challenging the Assembly is facing is, cost of litigation on court cases against the Assembly and continuous demand of compensation on lands given to the assembly for infrastructure projects.

He said this is draining the coffers of the assembly hence retarding development.

 On the issue of security, the Hon MCE enunciated that the Municipality remained calm and peaceful as a result of the hard working security personnel of the support the honorable assembly members. He however complained of the incident that happened recently between a section of the community of Nuaso Old Town and workers of the electricity company of Ghana Limited and officers of the 49-engineering regiment of the Ghana Armed Force on the installation of the prepaid meters in the area as regrettable. He said currently the area is in darkness and Nene Sakite II Kono of the traditional area and some personalities’ in the area and himself are having discussion with the electricity company of Ghana to restore power back to the area.

Reporting on the finances of the Assembly, Hon. Tetteh indicated that, the Assembly received an amount of two Million, Nine Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty One Ghana cedis Fifty Eight Pesewas (2, 938,689.58) as a total revenue out of an approved budget of Twenty Million, One Hundred and Forty Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Ghana cedis and Thirty Two Pesewas (20,142,559.32) represented 14.56% of the approved budgeted figure for the year. He further indicated that, the Assembly was expecting to have received One Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Eighty Ghana cedis (1,567,580.00) out of the total budgeted figure mentioned above as Internal Generated Fund (IGF) but rather Eight Hundred and Eighteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Seven Ghana cedis and Ten Pesewas (818,487.10) was received which formed a component of the total revenue stated earlier. He stated the reasons for the inability of the Assembly to meet the approved budget as frequent attacks on revenue collectors at mounted barriers and incapability of the Assembly to collect revenue from Akuse.

Capital and Infrastructure projects are projects every government undertake. Touching on physical projects, the MCE outline a number of projects the Assembly has commenced, completed while others are at different stages of completion. He mention the construction of Ten sitter WC toilet at Nuaso Korlenya, Ten sitter WC toilet at Akuse, Ten sitter WC toilet at Kpongunor, construction of market shared at Kpong, construction of  One Hundred Eighty-Eight lockable stores at Agormanya market, construction of 1.2km road from Kpanyas to Cannan, Business Resource Center just to mention a few. The Hon MCE further stated that, Two Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Three people from Sixty- Six communities benefited from Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP). He pleaded with the Honorable members to do away with the fears of the beneficiary in their respective electoral areas as the last payment for the year will be made in due course.


Commenting on Disbursement of Funds to the people living with disability, the MCE indicated that, the Assembly has handed over Economic Empowerment items to Twenty One beneficiaries to start business with for a living. This brings to a total of Six Hundred and Thirty people so far benefited. Bringing the speech to an end, Hon. Tetteh asked Honorable members of the house to consider and approve recommendation from the Executive Committee report to be used as a working document.  

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